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  • Ancient Lichen
  • Item Level 68Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Sell Price: 7s 50c
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Ancient Lichen is an herb that can be gathered by herbalists.

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Ancient Lichen nodes can be found only in instances, namely Slave Pens, Underbog, Mana Tombs, Auchenai Crypts, Sethekk Halls, Shadow Labyrinth, and The Steamvault. Rarely, it can also be gathered from dead fungal giants, treants and ancients. Requires 340 Herbalism to gather.

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Ancient Lichen is used in the following recipes:

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Gathering a Ancient Lichen will occasionally yield [Mote of Life] and/or a [Fel Lotus] in addition to the herb.

Due to the difficulty in acquiring this herb, and the need for 7 in [Flask of Fortification], Ancient Lichen is in high demand.

Rogues and Druids can sneak into the Slave Pens or Underbog to collect some Ancient Lichen spots without getting into a fight, others at level 70 can perhaps solo the first mob groups.

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