Darkmaster Gandling
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Gender Gender::Male
Race race::Human (Humanoid)
Level NPC level::61 Elite
Character class Necromancer
Health 50,000
Mana 7,458
Affiliation The Scourge
Occupation Headmaster of Scholomance
Location Scholomance
Status Killable
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Darkmaster Gandling is the final boss in Scholomance. He is not, arguably, the most difficult boss nor is he the owner of it like Lord Alexei Barov. He is, however, the headmaster of the School of Necromancy at Caer Darrow, appointed personally by Kel'Thuzad.

Gandling appears after the six bosses and all human mobs found in the six chambers around the Headmaster's Study are slain. The bosses are Lord Alexei Barov, Doctor Theolen Krastinov, The Ravenian, Lorekeeper Polkelt, Instructor Malicia and the Lady Illucia Barov.

Darkmaster Gandling is a mummified wretch. He teaches students how to raise the dead in the Lich King’s name. Formerly a Dalaran wizard, he betrayed his masters for dark power and now revels in undeath. His graduates go on to Stratholme, the Scourge's capital in the Eastern Plaguelands.[1] He apparently teaches at both the Scholomance in Caer Darrow and School of Necromancy in Andorhal.


Gandling is a 61 elite caster boss. He casts Shadow Portal, a spell that teleports a random member of the group into a room with 3-4 level 60 non-elite mobs. That member must clear the room alone before the door to the rest of the instance opens and he is released (unless you can run past the mob without catching aggro). Those mobs do not vanish nor does the room open automatically upon Gandling's death. Despite their high level, each mob has very low stamina, taking only a few hits.

Gandling will spawn even if trash mobs remain in Shadow Vault, Vault of the Ravenian, Hall of Secrets, Barov Family Vault, and Hall of the Damned, however the trash must be cleared in the The Coven in order for him to spawn. Because he will teleport even solo adventurers to those halls during the fight, it remains wise to clear all of them.

Other spells he casts are:

  • Arcane Missiles
  • Curse of the Darkmaster - inflicts a curse that reduces the target's stamina and strength by 50 for 1 minute
  • Shadow Shield - absorbs 610 damage and deals 30 damage to anyone who strikes it.


In Cataclysm, all Scholomance loot will be updated to meet a lower level range and any Dungeon Set 1 gear will no longer drop.

  • Pattern: Robe of the Void
  • Requires Tailoring (300)
  • Use: Teaches you how to sew a Robe of the Void.
  • [Robe of the Void]
  • Requires Bolt of Runecloth (12), Demonic Rune (20), Felcloth (40), Essence of Fire (12), Essence of Undeath (12), Rune Thread (2)
  • 1 Charges


  • School is in session!


Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

Gandling appears briefly in the Battle for Andorhal, where he is defeated by the combined might of Koltira Deathweaver and Thassarian before he flees.


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